Guru Vandana Part IV

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8.   shri guru pada nakha mani gana joti
sumirata dibya dristi hiya hoti
dalana moha tama so sa prakasu
bhade bhag ura avaya jasu
9.   ugharahi bimala bilochana hiyeke
mitahi dosa duka bhava rajaniyeke
sujiahi rama charita mani manike
gupata pragate jaham jo jehi kanike

Part V
8. The splendour of gems in the form of nails on the
 feet of the blessed Guru unfolds divine vision in
 the heart by its very thought.
The lustre disperses the shades of infatuation,
highly blessed is he in whose bosom it shines.
9. With its very appearance the bright eyes of the
mind get opened; the attendant evils and
sufferings of the night of mundane existence disappear;
and gems and rubies in the shape of stories of Sri Rama, both patent and hidden, wherever and in whatever mine they may be, come to light.
8. The nails of the Guru's feet are like a row of diamonds.
By just remembering them, you become enlightened.
Fortunate is the one, who keeps the Guru in his heart,
because the ignorance is removed.
9. His inner eyes open and the pain and sins
of the material world are removed.
He begins to understand the Truth and
many mysteries are open to him.
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