Jaya Radhe

jaya radhe
jay madhava
jay govinda
jay gopala
jaya radhe
jay shri radhe
hare krishna
hare hare
Another chant to Radha and Krishna, the cosmic lovers. Some consider Radha
not only Krishna's beloved, but also His preceptor, His guru. For while
Krishna is the unmanifest, beyond form, invisible to human eyes, Radha
brings Him into form through her love, through Her passion. We can see God
only through the Goddess, through our hearts and emotions, through our
tears, through our songs. Oh Radha, in this life and all of my future
births may I, by Your grace, always remember Your lotus feet.
Jai Uttal
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Jai Uttal Kirtan!The Art and Practice
of Ecstatic Chant
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