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This site’s target audience consists of both experienced internet users and those who have difficulties with it. The site is bilingual; English and Dutch. I have opted against a separate English part and a Dutch part, but instead I chose a site where each page has both English and Dutch text available. Generally the English text is open, if not you may click the English flag . The advantage to this is that the user can easily see what the same text looks like in both languages. Plus it makes it easier to link to Dutch sites. This makes it easier for me too, as I won’t have to do the same thing twice, decreasing the chance of making mistakes. Pages that are text only (such as this one and the introduction) will be given separately. Pages concerning the activities (concerts, arati) are only given in Dutch, since they happen in the Netherlands.

There are three ways to navigate between pages:

  • With the navigation bar.
  • With the orange-coloured words in the text.
  • With the pictures at the bottom of pages.

You will notice that there are different ways to get to the same page.
The internal links will always open in the same tab, while external links will open in a new tab.

There is a separate page for help with the mantra pages.
I use different sources, in the Citation policy page I will explain how I’ve used them.