Citation policy

I use different sources, be it written (dictionaries, CD-covers), audio recordings of satsangs and CDs or the internet. I handle these sources as following:

  • When translating Sanskrit words, I mainly use a Sanskrit - German and a Sanskrit - English dictionary. If I use another source, I will make a note of it. Special are the interpretations given by ShantiMayi during satsangs, in which case the date of said satsang will be mentioned. She is working on making the satsangs available through her website.
  • For interpretations of mantras, I either use CD-covers or a website, which will always be mentioned.
  • Audio fragments will always have a note saying what CD they are from and, if possible, a link to a website that sells the CD.
  • Some images are pictures taken by people known to me, in which case I will indicate who took said picture. The other images are from the internet. If possible, I will link to their original site. However, some images and pictures have been re-used so many times, it’s nigh impossible to trace them back to their origin.

If anyone feels I have unjustly used their material, please let me know and I will remove it from the site.