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Mantras are ancient words of power.

When I first encountered a mantra being chanted, I was crying and I dared not touch. Since then I have learned to love mantras and started chanting for hours and hours; in the car, at concerts, going on and on.

Now it is my wish to collect mantras and present them to all who wish to know. I focus on mantras as sung in western style, at satsangs and at mantraconcerts in the West.

This site is dedicated to my Guru ShantiMayi, who has challenged me to open many doors, with more to come, I pray.

The heart of the site are the pages with mantras. You may access them through Search. There one can find the different melodies to which the mantra is sung, interesting sites about the mantra (many in English) and links to sites where CDs can be bought.

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I use different sources, in the Citation policy page I will explain how I’ve used them.