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Guru Gita notes

Interesting links for the Guru Gita are given on the main page. From those I use (mostly) 3 texts:
  • Video from Muktananda is roughly the same as ShantiMayi's sangha is using;
  • Sanskrit & Trika Shaivism rather word to word translation, with Devanagari letters, uses the same Sanskrit text;
  • Hardlight a course with much help with pronunciation, also Devanagari letters, beautiful translations, their text contains less verses, and in different order. in the texts their verse number is given next to ours, an X indicates they do not use this verse.
My specialty will be to give a broad translation for each word, in order to give (mostly) myself and (I hope) others more innerstanding in the spread of meaning of the Sanskrit words.
I will be using different sources, see Citation policy
See also some Notes on pronounciation.

The english translation wil be kept as the sangha is using,  I will also make myself a dutch translation, there I will take more liberties.
I will also refer each word back to all places it appears in the Guru Gita (and of course in the other mantras on the site). When a word occurs in many verses, reference is given to this page only.

This work is for me a great pleasure. I first encountered the Guru Gita during my stay with my Guru Shantimayi in Rishikesh in february 2018, started this in june of the same year, and I guess it will occupy me for the coming 3 or 4 years, at least.
And inbetween I occupy myself with learning Sanskrit.

With the pictures below, and below the main page and the overview I give you some words I have most recently worked with.