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Reading help for the mantra pages

Several ways of spelling are possible, but the most important is to always work with the mantra from the heart. Orange words link to a separate page with a translation of that word. Capitals are not used in the text, otherwise one could capitalize every second word. Notes on pronounciation.
On separate pages a translation is given for each word. See Citation policy.
The word pages  also have links going back to all mantras on the site which include given word.
More about significance.
Here an impression is being given of the meaning of the mantra. See Citation policy.
More about significance.
Person or group who has made up this particular melody to a most often already existing, traditional text. Sometimes I cannot retrace the original composer. If you know better I'd like to hear. And of course there is no seperation, but since we all play our roles in this world it is nice to be correct.
chordnotation for key-instruments
the chords written out as key-combinations the way I prefer to play them on the harmonium, in a key which plays and sings easiest for us and our public. That is not necessarily the way it is played on the sound fragment. See Chordsbooklet.
chordnotation guitar
The chords by name. I am not a guitar-player so I do not know about capo's. When I get feedback I will write capo's. See more under "chordnotation for key-instruments".
notation melody-line
The melody-line written out, for those who can read staffs. I did not do many, it is quite a work. Written in Finale Notepad, and given as an xps-document or as .pdf.
Recently more often the melody-line is written out like "d g g f e" orso..
Reference is made to a video, most often on Youtube. The quality of this videos is not always very good, I find it more important to include as many versions as possible.
Here a short .mp3 soundfragment. When a CD is mentioned, the fragment is from that CD. Otherwise it may be from a recording of a concert.
on CD
Name of a CD with the particular version of the mantra. When orange you may click to a site where the CD is being sold. If not, the CD is not being sold, or I don't know where.
Interesting sites
A small selection of sites with information about the mantra, purely selected on what caught my eye.